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Hi and welcome to Light From Within – Holistic Wellbeing Services.

My name is Yvonne Oakes and through the holistic services I offer, I invite you to find ways of enhancing your health and wellbeing.

Holistic Services

We all benefit from holistic services during times of ill health and when we are struggling in any way.

Wonderfully, in my experience they are of as much benefit when we are well, helping to maintain a sense of energy and vitality.

The services I offer include:

Reiki, Reiki Drum, Animal Reiki, Mindfulness, Vision Board Work and Moonology

Each of these has had a significant, lasting, beneficial effect on my life and I am passionate about sharing them. They are available to anyone, including children.

This is recognised by clients too…

I met Yvonne through my business community networking events. Immediately I knew she had the calibre which is of realness, genuine care in all that she does, a perfect fit for our community. As time passed, I felt compelled to visit Yvonne for reiki in her private setting. What an amazing experience, I felt held and supported through these sessions. We then moved to lockdown, and I continue to have reiki from a distance. There is no difference whatsoever, both live and distance are exceptional experiences. This is the top-up to my soul. I will continue to recommend her offerings to others and through conversations with friends and colleagues who I have recommended, they too are living the benefits of Yvonne’s expertise. Thank you, Yvonne for your gentle kindness and spiritual skill. I really appreciate you and the depth of service you offer. DM

Time for you

Taking time for ourselves is so important to our health and wellbeing. However, often we feel guilty about doing so. Many of my clients report that engaging in these services “gives them permission” to have time out…and that they and the people around them benefit greatly from it.

So, please explore the pages here and do contact me to arrange an appointment, or to ask questions or discuss how these services may be of help to you.

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