Usui Reiki With Yvonne Oakes


Hi and welcome to Light From Within.

My name is Yvonne Oakes and through the services I offer, I invite you to find ways of enhancing your health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of any pets you may have too.

Services for you

Reiki has had such a significant, beneficial, lasting effect on my life and I am passionate about sharing it. The services I offer are available to anyone, including children.

Time for you

We all benefit from taking time for ourselves, but often feel guilty for doing so. Maybe we only seek services and time for ourselves during periods of ill health or when we are struggling in some way.

Wonderfully, in my experience, engaging in holistic services is of as much benefit when we are well; enabling us to maintain a sense of energy and vitality and wellbeing.

I actually have clients who prefer a Reiki treatment to a spa session because of the wonderful lasting, relaxed, yet rejuvenated feeling it gives them.

A Reiki session with Yvonne is the top-up for my soul.

Contact me

So, please explore the pages here and do contact me to ask questions, or to discuss how these services may be of benefit to you, or to arrange an appointment.

Send me a message via my contact form or ring or message me on 07368 479 238

I look forward to connecting with you, Yvonne