Usui Reiki With Yvonne Oakes

An End Of Year Note

It’s amazing how quickly this year seems to have passed! Does it feel that way for you too?

The past few days

Over the last few days, and yesterday especially (as I was walking Furlough, our gorgeous little Shih Tzu) I am feeling this real sense of anticipation. And it’s not the anticipation of Christmas being just a few days away – it’s different, and more than that. I think it’s the feeling of change; of the change of season and also maybe the fact that in a few days we will be talking about “the nights drawing out” rather than “the nights drawing in”.

It’s the beautiful cycle of nature, doing what it does without fuss or bother..

This past week or so has also been a lovely time to walk Furlough. Seeing the houses decorated with lights and trees and messages.

It gives a sense of cheeriness and goodwill; of commonality; of community. And I get this feeling even though I don’t know who lives in these houses. I find this amazing.. it’s beautiful and uplifting.

A sense of sharing

This sense of sharing and of community spills into my work life too. I love what I do and what I offer, and am grateful to be able to do so. I love sharing Reiki in all it’s guises:

  • Hands on
  • Remote/Distance
  • Reiki Drum Technique
  • Reiki Drum Sound Healing
  • Reiki Shares
  • Animal Reiki.

I am grateful I can offer these services at my home, at the Spiritual Healing Temple and at Enigma

It is also wonderful that two more venues have been added for the Reiki Drum Sound Healing sessions

  • The Gallery at The United Reformed Church in Hampton Hill ( TW12 1NB)
  • The Inspired Hub, Hampton (TW12 2JA)

More details and special offers will be shared in my Winter Newsletter during the first week of January.

For now, I send you good wishes this Christmastime

With love,

Yvonne xx

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