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Spring Equinox

Today, 20th March 2021 is the first day of Spring. The Spring Equinox is celebrated as the first day of Spring, when night and day, are equal in both hemispheres. All of nature is stirring now and showing signs of activity after the Winter sleep. There are buds on the trees, flowers are blossoming and seeds are germinating.

The power of the sun is increasing, the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. We start to feel empowered to reach out for what we want, to branch out on our own, go for walks and connect to nature again.

We can use the potential of this time to create opportunities for positive change in our life and in the world. We are at the point of facing opposite forces – light and dark, receptive and active, unconscious and conscious, inner and outer. These can be united within us so that we are whole and balanced individuals. It gives rise to actions that come from the heart.

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Dying Matters

Every year in May, Dying Matters host an Awareness Week, which gives an unparalleled opportunity to place the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement firmly on the national agenda. This year the Awareness Week will run from 11th to 17th May and the theme will be “Dying to be Heard”. This theme therefore puts the focus on how to help by listening… How many people want to talk about death, but feel they have no one to talk to about it?

As a Soul Midwife and retired palliative care nurse, I will be looking at specific ways of holding events and being available for people to talk about death, dying and grief during Awareness Week and will advertise these nearer the time.

There are lots of resources and excellent information available on the Dying Matters website. Take a look, and if you wish to discuss anything with me, I’m very happy to do so.

Read more about how I can support you with Soul Midwifery.

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The Departure Lounge

I am so pleased to have been involved in this innovative project, called the Departure Lounge.

The Academy of Medical Sciences undertook this project to look at peoples views on death and dying, and to provide information to the public on resources available to them at the end of life.

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The soul midwives support network

Now maybe more than ever, support is needed for people facing the end of their lives, and for the family and friends caring for them.

The Soul Midwives Support Network is offering this support and anyone needing support is welcome to contact the School of Soul Midwives as highlighted here.

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