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New (Ad)Ventures

It’s the beginning of Spring, a time of newness; the time when the world is ‘waking up’ and blossoming.

We have recently had the first New Moon of Spring, in the sign of Aries – the first sign of the zodiac and we are about to witness the first Full Moon of this year. So, little wonder that I (and maybe you too) are feeling the call for new (ad) meet new people, to do old things differently and to do new things in abundance.

Hence this Newsletter from me, from Light From Within – a new venture.

Compiling this at Full Moon feels absolutely right. Full Moon is a time to reflect on what you have achieved, what has come to fruition, a time to express gratitude and to release whatever is no longer right for you – all in gratitude.

And so on reflection, I know I have achieved much over the past year and flourish with so much more to do. Part of what I need and want to do, is to connect and share what I do with as many as possible, and receive news of their endeavours and ventures in return.

I often hear ‘by chance’ of events that are happening or already happened; events that I would have enjoyed taking part in and would have benefitted from. On reflection, it has occurred to me that you, your friends and your family may be unaware of what I do, what services I offer but may be interested in.

And so this first Newsletter brings you information about and a connection to my services.

My biggest passions are Reiki and Moon work – working with and living by the energy and cycle of the Moon.

Usui Reiki

I provide Reiki in several ways:

Hands-on, Remote, Reiki Drum, Reiki for Pets.

Hands on Reiki is offered at my home in Lower Feltham by appointment and also at The Hare and the Moon in Twickenham every Thursday. I also visit South Wales on a monthly basis and offer Reiki sessions at Enigma in Ebbw Vale based on client need.

Remote Reiki: equivalent to hands-on Reiki but shared over distance. Remote Reiki makes it possible for anyone to benefit from Reiki, no matter where you are. An appointment day and time is agreed and you receive Reiki in the comfort of your home (or place of your choice) from me, in my home. We speak briefly on the ‘phone at the start of the session and again at the end of the session. A session lasts approximately 1 hour.

The Reiki Drum Technique: combining Reiki, drumming and sound healing is a specialised method of using the drum to introduce Reiki energy into your energy field to bring about deep relaxation, release of deep seated tensions and stress. It helps bring your energy system back to it’s optimal vibration, back into balance.

This can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with a traditional Reiki healing session.

I also hold a group Reiki Drum Meditation in Twickenham on the second Tuesday of every month. Next Reiki Drum meditation is on 11th April.. tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite.

Reiki Share: held on the first Tuesday of every month at my home in Lower Feltham. A Reiki share is a wonderful way to be connected to your Reiki community. It is a healing space to experience the power of group Reiki, meet other practitioners , practice, connect and send some Reiki love out into the world. Anyone attuned to Reiki, at any level is welcome.

Reiki Training Courses: Embarking on the Reiki journey is embarking on a journey of self discovery, self healing and spiritual development, and sharing this with an individual is such a privilege. I offer courses at each level (First degree – Shoden, Second Degree – Okuden, and Master/Master Teacher Level – Shinpiden). Becoming connected to Reiki empowers you in so many ways and brings about such positivity, calmness, serenity and more. It brings forth your light from within, and is the reason my business is called Light From Within.

Course dates: First Degree – May 14th 2023. Second Degree – 2nd July

Wellbeing festivals and fayres

I regularly attend festivals and fayres to offer Reiki taster sessions. I will be at Kempton Park race course on 17th/18th June for the Wonderful World of Wellbeing Festival.

Reiki for pets: our pets benefit from the healing energy of Reiki in the same way we do. Animals are well tuned to energy and so it helps with any physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties. I find that it is best for me to visit pets in their own home/environment and sessions last anytime between 10-60 minutes.

Working with the Energy of the Moon

1:1 Bespoke Vision Board Experiences: A one to one workshop held on the day or evening of the New Moon. The experience provides the opportunity to really focus on what you want


in order to realise your full potential, for your greatest wellbeing. You receive a personalised Moon chart for the year ahead, that helps to focus on each aspect of your life as the year progresses. We work with the Angels prior to the workshop and each day throughout the 4 weeks of the Lunar cycle.

Coming soon: New Moon gatherings planned to commence this year.


I hope you have enjoyed this first newsletter, and if you are interested in any of the services I provide, please do contact me.


Let me know about your services

Let me know if we can collaborate in any way

Let me know if we can exchange services.

I would love to hear from you. It will be great to connect with you.

Best wishes in all your (Ad) Ventures

With love, Yvonne

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