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Benefits of Reiki

Reiki helps to cleanse, rebalance and restore harmony on all levels, be that physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

  • Reiki is extremely effective in helping with relaxation and stress release
  • It can help clear the head aiding clear thinking and decision making
  • It benefits people with all kinds of illnesses and injury including arthritis, back pain, MS, ME, insomnia, high blood pressure, depression, skin problems, migraine, anxiety, depression and more
  • It can help people come to terms with and cope with deep emotional distress from past traumas/experiences and bereavement
  • It helps with appreciating the joy and happiness we already feel – you do not have to be unwell to benefit from Reiki.
  • All of my clients tell me they feel relaxed, yet energised at the same time following a Reiki session.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a form of hands on healing using the Universal Life Force Energy (the energy that is all around us) that activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

How does it work

The energy is channelled through the Reiki practitioner to the client by laying or hovering his or her hands at the energy points in the body.

These energy points are called chakras and we have seven main ones

  • the root chakra which is associated with survival and security
  • the sacral chakra associated with relationships, emotional issues and creativity
  • the solar plexus associated with self-esteem and self – will
  • the heart chakra associated with loving and being loved
  • the throat chakra associated with communication
  • the brow (third eye) associated with intuition
  • the crown chakra associated with thought and understanding, with higher knowledge and oneness.

We can think of the chakras as being like a child’s windmill, spinning to enable the energy to flow upwards through the body. If any one of these stops or gets stuck, the energy becomes stuck and out of balance, causing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual symptoms.

Meditating woman with the seven main chakras and their meanings

Reiki is said to have an intelligence of its’ own and only goes where it is needed and in the quantity needed. For this reason it can only have a positive effect.

Reiki works alongside orthodox medicine, but is not a replacement for it.

Reiki is not a religion but does have a spiritual nature. You will not be asked to embrace any religious beliefs or change your existing beliefs and practices.

What can I expect during a Reiki treatment

Reiki is given with the person fully clothed, either lying down or sat comfortably in a chair.

Each experience is unique to the person receiving Reiki – there is no right or wrong, good or bad experience.

  • Sometimes the person feels nothing at all (but this does not mean it is not having an effect)
  • Some experience a heat reaching deep inside the body
  • Sometimes an area being treated may feel cold
  • There may be twitching or pins and needles
  • Some people see colours and images in their mind during the treatment
  • Often there is a dreamy trance like state and a feeling of relaxation and calm.
  • Sometimes there is a spontaneous emotional release – but nothing ever arises that you cannot cope with.

If a client wishes the Reiki Drum Technique can be incorporated into the session.


There are no contraindications to a person receiving Reiki. The initial complementary telephone consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.

Where can I receive Reiki

You do not need a ‘special’ place to receive Reiki. It can be given anywhere. Having said that, I like to create an environment that invokes calmness and a feeling of being held.

I offer Reiki in my home, in clients’ homes and can also send it over distance to wherever you are.

Again this can be discussed prior to your first session.

I used Reiki within my role as a Palliative Care Nurse Specialist in hospices and hospitals and nursing homes and feel happy and comfortable to continue to offer this, and can resume as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Distance Reiki

Reiki can be sent over distance, and so is beneficial to those unable to meet with me face to face. We simply need to agree a date and time that is convenient for us both.

What happens during a Distance Reiki session

We will have agreed a date and time convenient to us both. At the agreed time I will telephone you to ensure you are ready for Reiki and comfortable in a room where you will not be disturbed. Following a brief conversation we will both ‘hang up’. At the end of the Reiki session, which lasts approximately 45-60 minutes I will once again call you on the telephone to discuss anything you may have experienced during the session.

I treat a Distance Reiki session as if you are with me. The room I use has a beautiful energy, I play Reiki music, have incense and candles burning and my salt rock lamp lit.

You don’t need to do any of theses things, but it can create a relaxing atmosphere for you.

Reiki for couples

It is well recognised that the quality of our relationships with others has a huge bearing on our sense of wellbeing, and Reiki has been seen to enhance and improve relationships of all kinds. A ‘combined’ Reiki session addresses the needs of both the individuals as well as the needs of the relationship itself, whatever that may be.

Since May 2020 particularly, I have had requests from couples seeking joint Reiki. Requests have come from couples wanting to support each other through ill health; couples where one partner was struggling with the effects of lockdown and loss of employment; and others, whose relationships were going through a difficult time. Some couples simply wanted to enjoy the experience of relaxation together.

The sessions were beautiful experiences and each couple found a greater sense of connection, improved communication, and a calmer way of dealing with the stresses of their everyday lives.

These sessions are Distance Reiki sessions rather than face-to-face, as it allows you to lie together on your bed or sofa or hold hands whilst sitting on separate chairs, and to stay there for as long as you wish once the session has ended.

Reiki for two

Other relationships such as a parent and child, or siblings, or extended family members benefit from joint sessions too and again the needs of the individuals as well as the needs of the relationship will be addressed.

A bit about me..


£40 per session – individuals

£60 per session – couples

Sessions last between 45 – 60 minutes


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