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Animal Reiki

Animals are beautiful beings who naturally live fully in the moment and are able to freely share unconditional love.

They are sensitive to each other and aware of the needs and psychological states of humans, and can provide comfort and even healing to us when we need it… and so, it is wonderful for us to give something back. And as animals have a natural understanding of Reiki and enjoy receiving it, what could be a better way to repay them.

Benefits of reiki

Reiki healing is beneficial to all animals and in the same way as it helps humans, be that on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

  • Reiki helps with all kinds of issues such as speeding up the healing process following injuries or surgery, with stomach problems, loss of appetite, stiffness due to old age, and more.
  • Reiki helps with anxiety, nervousness and timidness, and with the effects of mistreatment/bad experiences. It can also help form a closer relationship/ bond with their owner or other animals.
  • Reiki helps with separation anxiety and being left alone, and with trouble adjusting to a new home.
  • Reiki helps if your dog seems to bark too much, resists getting trained or chews/damages things in the house.
  • Reiki provides compassionate support for an animal that is dying and can make the transition more peaceful for them and for their owner too.
  • Healthy animals benefit from the deeply relaxing effect of Reiki too, enhancing their general wellbeing and strengthening their immune system.

What happens during a reiki session

I approach Reiki with animals in the same way as I offer Reiki to humans. It is given with respect and with the intention for the highest and greatest good for the animal concerned.

The animal is able to convey the message through their behaviour and reactions whether they are accepting of the Reiki or not, and when accepted, for how long.

Animals are much more sensitive to energy than humans, and so on an individual basis there is a need to determine whether the Reiki will be given ‘hands-on’, beamed from across a room or sent over distance.

As with humans, every animal responds differently, as an individual to Reiki. Some animals stay close and even offer the parts of their body they know needs healing, others will pace, some may scratch or twitch or yawn or even fall asleep. Some animals, like humans show no signs of any effect of the Reiki, even though the Reiki will be giving them what they need.

Treatment lengths vary from a few minutes to up to an hour, depending on the animal. They are able to show us when they have had enough.

Responses following a treatment vary too, again as each animal is an individual. Some feel sleepy afterwards, whilst some are completely energised and playful.

How many sessions are needed?

Sometimes a single Reiki session is all that is needed whilst for others, 2 or 3 or a series of sessions may be required. Our initial consultation will include a discussion about the reasons for seeking Reiki and background information about your pet. Together we can then make a Reiki plan and review that plan accordingly.


The cost for each session is based on £40 per hour, and each session charged pro rat. Therefore a 60 minute session will cost £40; a 30 minute session will cost £20; a 15 minute session will cost £10.

please note

Reiki is not intended to replace or act as an alternative to conventional treatments given by a Vet. It is complementary to traditional veterinary medicine and works well alongside it. The veterinary surgery Act of 1966 (amended 1996) prohibits anyone other than a Veterinary Surgeon to diagnose ailments and giving of advice on such diagnosis. The protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a Veterinary Surgeon then the owner must obtain this.