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Self Care

It would seem that more and more of us are realising the importance of self care with Google searches for “self care’ having more than doubled since 2015.

Moira Lawler, EveryDay Health 2021

I have always felt that taking time for Me is important – important to help Me be the best I can be. And I know when I haven’t been taking this time to look after Me – on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I know when I haven’t taken this time for Me when I feel excessively tired, I feel sluggish, I ‘can’t be bothered’, I’m irritable, it feels as though nothing is going right, and when I feel disconnected.

However, many people feel guilty for taking time for themselves. They’re looking after everyone and everything else, but when or if the time comes to look after themselves, they are too tired, or at worse, feel they don’t deserve it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Let’s look at what self care is..

Self care is a conscious act one takes, in order to promote their own physical, mental and emotional health.

Elizabeth Scott, VeryWell Mind 2020

Self care is anything that you do for yourself that feels nourishing. It can be something that is relaxing or calming, or it can be something that is intellectual or spiritual or physical or practical or something you need to get done.

Marni Amsellem PhD cited in Moira Lawler, EveryDay Health 2021.

So, there are many forms self care can take, and we all need to find what works for us as individuals. And taking this time does not necessarily mean hours out of your day, week or month. It’s whatever works for you.. maybe just having an hour every month that really is just for you, is enough. Enough to help you relinquish, for that short time, your responsibilities to/for others, or your worries about your everyday life.

So many of my clients tell me

“my Reiki sessions with you give me permission to have time for myself without feeling guilty”, that “I cope better with everything I need to do”

Apart from Reiki and other holistic therapies, everyday ways of self care might include:

  • getting enough sleep every night
  • spending a short time, even just a few minutes outside every day
  • an unhurried cup of tea
  • simple nourishing food
  • an exercise routine
  • reading
  • studying

My self care today included a short walk, a 20 minute Reiki session and a detox bath.

Time For Me

And so..

When you’ve taken steps to care for your body mind and spirit, you’ll feel better equipped to live your best life.

When caring for your body, you’ll think and feel better too.

Banishing the self-critic in your mind will greatly influence your psychological wellbeing.

Nurturing your spirit can help you develop a deeper sense of connection with the universe or give meaning to You, here and now.

When self care is practiced regularly, the benefits are vast and have been linked to reduced stress, an improved immune system, increased productivity and higher self esteem.

I hope you found this helpful

I hope this has been helpful to you in some way, and that self care can take more of a priority for you without those guilty feelings.

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8 Responses to Self Care

  • What a lovely read Yvonne, reinforcing how hard it is to care for and nurture other people if we don’t care for and nurture ourselves

    • Thank you Debbie! Exactly right..we do need to care for ourselves first before we can care for others. Recognising this helps take the feelings of guilt many have about self care xx

  • Great read.. can definitely relate as I do have Guilty I was not given any self-care to my self and I’m make the smallest of changes now that are making a Huge difference, thank for helpful tips.

    Gemma. X

  • very useful reminders Yvonne and great to have the references
    so important to take care of ourselves before we try to help others – to keep ourselves well

  • Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I feel more nourished by my simple act of taking time to read and let its purpose seep in. I appreciate your emphasis on the ME.
    Thankyou for these gentle reminders

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