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Soul Midwifery

‘A good death is an extraordinary, moving and sacred experience. It can also have a healing quality, not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and the wider community.’

Felicity Warner, Gentle Dying 2008

Soul midwives ensure that death is a dignified and peaceful experience

Be of those who lend a hand when they can.  Close up of two unrecognisable people holding hands in comfort.

We all die. But there are good deaths, and not such good deaths. Most of us, given the choice hope to die pain free, at home, with our loved ones around us. But not many of us actually achieve this. Most modern deaths are at best, efficient but clinical, institutionalised, functional and soul-less.

In traditional cultures around the world, death has always been regarded as an important rite of passage, an initiation, a journey across a spiritual threshold. Modern soul midwives are able to draw on these ancient skills and traditions, applying them to our modern world and using them to ease the passage of those who are dying.

The 12 Principles of Soul Midwifery

  • To work as non-medical holistic companions who guide and support a dying person in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death
  • To support and recognise the individual needs of the dying person and ensure they feel loved and supported
  • To create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person (whether in a hospital, a hospice or at home)
  • To respect and honour a dying person’s religious/spiritual or atheist/agnostic beliefs and practices
  • To work as non-denominational, multi-faith practitioners who honour the dying person’s beliefs about life, death or the afterlife
  • To ‘serve’ our friend, not aim to ‘fix’ or ‘rescue’
  • To give healing, using sound, touch, colour, scented oils or other gentle techniques to alleviate pain and anxiety
  • To keep a loving vigil
  • To work holistically with the spirit and soul of our friends at all levels and stages of transition
  • To support families and their loved ones, giving loving care with a human touch
  • To provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience the death he or she wants
  • To listen, provide gentle therapeutic techniques, and ensure compassionate care at all times


Fees for Soul Midwifery support are typically £12.50 per hour.

I want this service to be available to all who need it, so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss.

Please get in touch

I feel privileged to be of help and service to those with a life limiting illness and their families, supporting in any way I can.

So if you or a family member or friend would like support, please do contact me. I am happy to be of support at any stage of an illness or meet for a coffee and a chat even if at present you are feeling well, but have things you would like to talk about.

Meet the Soul Midwife

Meet the Soul Midwife at Thyme at the Park Cafe, Hampton Hill. This free to attend, relaxed gathering takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month between 9.30 and 11.30am. You are welcome to join us to chat, share ideas, experiences and concerns or simply have a cuppa and of course some cake. We would love to see you… We can be found on Face Book – Meet the Soul Midwife monthly get-together in Hampton Hill.

*** During this time of social isolation I will be available via Zoom between 11am -midday on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please contact me at least 24 hours prior to the meeting if you would like to join me ***