Usui Reiki With Yvonne Oakes


Knowing you’re helping others is a great feeling.

My clients’ testimonials say it all…


“Relaxed, friendly and professional therapy – what’s not to like?! – Reiki with Yvonne is all of those and I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

– JF

“I had been suffering anxiety attacks which always seemed to occur just before I fell asleep at night and I then found it difficult to relax and as a consequence I was tired and irritable during the day. I decided to try Reiki and contacted Yvonne, she put me at ease immediately with her friendly, professional attitude and after the first session I felt completely relaxed and that night I had a really good nights sleep. I would highly recommend Yvonne.”

– JS

“Yvonne was recommended by a work colleague after I mentioned I was feeling down and stressed. I arranged some reiki sessions over the phone, Yvonne was lovely! Very knowledgeable and professional in her manner. I would highly recommend her services, after just two sessions I was feeling much more relaxed and less stressed.”

– EB

“I have suffered with nerve pain for a while and over time it had an effect on my mood, sleep and general well being. I was intrigued about reiki as an alternative to relying solely on medication to manage my pain. During the first session with Yvonne, she put me at ease straight away, taking time to explain what reiki is, how it may benefit me and what to expect from the sessions. I have been having regular reiki with Yvonne ever since (in person and via distance), both of which I find incredibly effective in managing my symptoms, providing me with a sense of calmness and resulting in a peaceful nights sleep. I would recommend anyone to be open minded about the power of reiki – and assure anyone that you’re in safe, professional and empathic hands with Yvonne.”

– CL

I have known Yvonne a few years now but had never tried reiki. In June this year (2019) I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was both shocked and very stressed with what was going to happen. Yvonne asked if I was willing to try reiki. She explained it and put me at ease straight away. I can honestly say I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made me feel from the first session, I was hooked. During my chemotherapy I have experienced both hands on Reiki and been sent it and it has definitely helped me feel very relaxed and given me a positive mindset. I would highly recommend Yvonne, she is kind, caring and very professional. Thank you so very much

– DV

I met Yvonne through my business community networking events. Immediately I knew she had the calibre which is of realness, genuine care in all that she does, a perfect fit for our community.As time passed, I felt compelled to visit Yvonne for reiki in her private setting. What an amazing experience, I felt held and supported through these sessions. We then moved to lockdown, and I continue to have reiki from a distance. There is no difference whatsoever, both live and distance are exceptional experiences. This is the top-up to my soul.I will continue to recommend her offerings to others and through conversations with friends and colleagues who I have recommended, they too are living the benefits of Yvonne’s expertise. Thank you, Yvonne for your gentle, kindness and spiritual skill. I really appreciate you and the depth of service you offer.

– DM

Wonderful Reiki treatment from Yvonne, who really does work from the heart, would highly recommend

– PU

Yvonne is brilliant at listening. She is calm and delivers what was for me a wonderfully relaxing reiki treatment, I slept through most of it. I booked my next session straight away

– DJ

A big thank you to Yvonne for the amazing Reiki healing. I literally energetically fall into her arms whilst she works her magic. The session is so powerful and nurturing at the same time. I would highly recommend anyone to have Reiki with Yvonne

– L SG

“Good morning Yvonne. I hope you don’t mind but can I cancel today’s appointment? Honestly, I don’t feel I need reiki this week. Since last week, I’ve felt a shift mentally and creatively. At the end of last weeks session an image was playing on repeat in my head – it actually came up in the last 4 sessions but I couldn’t describe or fully catch onto what it was. However, at the end of last weeks session, I got it out of my brain on paper (I can send you a photo if you would like). Since she has left my head, I’ve been able to enter ‘flow’ a couple of times and that feels so amazing. If I’m honest that’s partially why I want to cancel because I can hear my notebook calling me haha. So thank you so much, for working with me, sharing your magic and helping shift me back to my true energy. If we can set up a session for next week that’ll be great, I can still tell I need Reiki, there’s some shifting to be done but my intuition says I’m good this week. Hope you’re having a lovely day!

– R

Soul Midwifery

“Thank you for the amazing care, compassion and love you showed to mum in her final hours and the support you gave to us all. We can never thank you enough.”

– J, K and TP

“A thoughtful touch is always appreciated and yours was truly special – your kindness was truly special.”

– HB

“Just to say thank you for the help and support you provided in mam’s last few weeks. She always looked forward to your visits.”

– R and HF

“Thank you for your support during our difficult time.”

– HJ

“Thank you so much for your help. You came to me when I was in not a very good place and you made me feel 100% better. Thank you for your kindness!”

– LV

Vision Board Work

“Thank you for a really inspiring afternoon, I really enjoyed it”

– KP

Wow I was pleasantly surprised by how it’s made me feel, just seeing everything my heart desires on paper and to really be able to zone into it daily is a lovely feeling. Yvonne went through the entire process and she had everything ready. The fun part was looking for the pictures of what really resonated with my dreams cutting them out and really feeling what I’m wanting. The entire experience was lovely and she made me feel so comfortable, with her warmth, she is such a friendly person. Thank you Yvonne for all your help.

– MC

Thank you Yvonne, it was such a lovely experience and I’m so glad I got to do it with you. It has been so helpful! There was lovely attention to detail, and support and guidance in a beautiful setting. Yvonne has the most wonderful energy.

– AD